My #1 Regret in Life - Part 1

I once had a friend. (Don’t be mistaken he’s still alive) He was my best friend - my first Best friend. He was slowly being taken away from me, but I didn’t realise and before I knew it he was ‘gone’.

I regret not treasuring him, I regret being ignorant and not noticing what had changedI regret not being able to save him



"The future is unpredictable and you will never be able to predict what will happen in the future, but you can always take charge of the present and not let it turn into a haunting past in the future…"

"Don’t leave any regrets it will just come back and bite you…"

"The past and the present is much more different than you think…"

"The past will always somehow find a way back to you to haunt you…"

"You can forget about guilt and leave it behind, but it will eventually come back to haunt you…"

"The present might not be as bad as you think, when you remember the past…"

"Dwelling in the past can be better than dealing with the present…"

"The past is more valuable than you think…"